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Where to Find The Most Unique Cottages In The UK For Your Next Vacation


The UK has several incredible places to visit and fantastic towns to stay in. If you have thought about visiting the UK and getting to know a variety of destinations that offer interesting sites, beautiful landscapes, and interesting people, then you are on the right track.



One thing that you may want to discover while on your trip are the unique cottages that can be found in the UK. They are the perfect option for lodging because they provide comfort, relaxation, and a little bit of romance.



If you are interested in staying in a cottage that has history and charm, check out these 5 top cottages that will ensure that your stay in the UK will be a comfortable and interesting one.



  1. Wizards Thatch: Imagine a night spent in a place which is more than 400 years old? It isn’t just anywhere you can find such a historical building and one where you can actually spend the night at. Hidden behind some beautiful hanging vines that make it seem as if it is a secret place, a night spent at Wizards Thatch is one to remember.



  1. Bay View: Located at Robin Hood’s Bay, this unique and welcoming cottage is perfect for people who want comfort and luxury with views of the water. This cottage is uniquely special due to the fact that it used to be stables, but one could never tell with the beautiful remodeling of the interior.



  1. Coastguard Cottage 3: This beautiful cottage is one that you could imagine seeing in the movies, except that this is a real-life cottage that dates back to the 18th century. Surrounded by forest, near the Peppercombe beach, it is the ideal destination for anyone looking for a little bit of old-time romance and relaxation.



  1. Cantick Head Lighthouse: Undoubtedly one of the more outstanding and unique cottages to be found throughout the UK, the Cantick Head Lighthouse is a place where one must stay at once in their lifetime. While the beauty of it being a part of a lighthouse is unique and interesting, the location is where it wins over guests. Set on a grassy cliff overlooking the ocean, it truly is the perfect cottage for a unique stay in the UK.



  1. Corrugated Cottage WW II: This cottage may not be the most romantic spot to stay in, but it is certainly an interesting and historical one. Built in the 1940’s, it will take you back to a time when air-raid shelters were necessary. Built for young women who were working to help the war effort, a stay in this cottage will be a highly unique experience.



The UK is full of interesting locations and lodgings that may be different than what you know. To truly take advantage of your trip the UK and it’s fascinating destinations, compliment it with a stay in one of its most unique cottages.