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UK marriage VISA

If you are married and are living in the UK but your husband or wife is not a UK Citizen and is not living in the UK with you then you need to get a UK spouse VISA. It can seem like a hard process, getting your loved one into the UK living with you and can only be done if one of you is a UK citizen. If you get a spouse VISA, your partner can live and work in the UK. As the permit provides the holder with a free stay in the UK, the government have put in place certain restrictions on obtaining one.

Not only are there spouse VISAs, there are four different types of closely related partner VISA’S. A spouse VISA is designed for a husband or wife of a UK citizen, a civil partner VISA for same-sex partners. A fiancé visa for those who intends to get married in the UK and even Unmarried partner visa for students and other people in long term relationships

The main requirements for a successful visa application is that you or your partner must be over 18, legally married, be intended to stay married forever and that the UK citizen lives in the UK, should speak English and earn a certain amount. Once your UK marriage VISA is granted, your spouse can stay in the UK for the next two years and months. After that, your spouse is required to apply for a visa extension giving you an extra 30 months.

Once the approved, consider applying for an Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK, which will help your spouse become a UK citizen. The UK citizen is called the sponsor, and he is she must have the permission to remain in the UK indefinitely. This could be a native British citizen, a naturalized citizen, and those on an Indefinite Leave to Remain Visa. If the sponsor is outside the UK, he/she must show the intention of returning to the UK before the dependent arrives in the UK.

For anyone applying for the marriage visa while still in the UK, the process starts with applying for a Further Leave to Remain. This gives the spouse over two time in which to start the process of applying for an Indefinite Leave to Remain or permanent residency. Find out more about getting a UK marriage visa and living with your spouse in the UK here.