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Prague travel guide – tantric or erotic massage?


Such technique as tantric massage is a special kind of eastern practices carried out in a tandem. Tantric massage is often confused with erotic massage, which is completely wrong, because the difference is essential and fundamental. This article will tell you more about tantric massage and show the main difference between these two types of massage. Worth to say, that tantric massage is not just technique of bodily exposure, but it’s a special thin level of partners interaction during a session and exchange of energy through touch.

What is tantra massage after all?

If translated into English, „tantra“ means connection, and this word describes the entire sense of tantric massage at its best. Tantric theory implies erogenous zone not as any specific area of the body, touching which leads to the excitation and sexual pleasure, and tells us that the center of all the senses is especially in the human mind, that all of our bodies are a single and monolitic erogenous zone. The ability to establish the contact between the partners allows every touch in different areas of the physical body to make it sensual and coveted. Unlike the erotic massage, which assumes the interaction only with exact erogenous zone, delivering excitement to the whole. We may say, that tantric massage is more energetic, than erotic, and simply – makes even more than a regular erotic massage, bringing pleasure to the body through body, but this one delivers pleasure to the body through mind and by exact channeling of energies.

The basic advantages of tantric massage

Among the basic advantages of tantric massage we may point out the following:

  • revealing of energetic potential and all the erogenous zones of the body,
  • getting rid of stress and tension;
  • reaching maximum level of relaxation;
  • finding harmony between the physical and energetic body;
  • receiving unforgettable pleasure from the procedure;
  • may this not sound too poetic, but it really provides a sense of rebirth.

It’s a ritual, some kind of ancient religious act. What’s more important, unlike the erotic massage, it’s more pleasant than the erotic – nuru or body-to-body massage. Imagine the energetic fields slowly and calmly sliding through each other. If you can, then you fully reveal, what will happen to your body and your senses, because this is what’s the tantric massage all about. During the whole massage session carried out subject to all rules of this art, you will achieve a special state of weightlessness and bliss, which is hardly ever experienced during the erotic massage.

Choose the right person for tantra

This should be done carefully, because you will entrust yourself to the hands of someone, who will get to your soul through the body and will caress it, who will channel all your sexual energies correctly. Brahmans say, that the sexual energy is the strongest one, and may be rechanneled in a manner, that will boost your creative self (and we don’t mean creative in an arts sense), that will have more power to life and love. In some cases you will come out the tantric massage session completely healed, because the sexual energy will unblock the energy „chunks“ and flow correctly. Personally I know a man, who had a great personality, had lots of energy, but he still couldn’t use it correctly and was just wasting it. He has chosen the right time – he felt ill because of the useless and enormous tension and stresses, and decided to choose tantra. His story may fit in a big article, but long story short – he was cured, and he is now surprised, how really powerful he can be.

So why should you choose the right person? This question is very important, because the whole procedure is a complex and sensual ritual, where the masseur must feel you with the energetic centres of his/hers hands. The masseur/masseuse must also carry out the complete initiation ritual of relaxation and adoration of your male or female self, that is more than just a ritual. And there is no amateurs in here – this person must feel what it does. In case of erotic massage, all you need is just a  great massaging technique, knowledge of erogenous zones, and of course, as it’s in tantra’s case – the feeling of partner. Although it’s not that deep, and is aimed more at sexual excitement than the energetic one.

So don’t choose amateurs, choose a skilled person with all the knowledge. Know your instincts and entrust your energy into the hands of the true one.

Conclusion – to sum it up…

…the main differencies between the erotic massage and tantric one are the following. First, the sexual contact isn’t carried out, and you won’t be able to touch the masseur or masseuse, unlike the classic erotic massage. You are the main object and you are being touched. Second, it is the energetic level of tantra, the deepest one you won’t achieve during the classic erotic massage. It’s about the unlocking of sexual energies thus delivering pleasure, which is not happening during the erotic massage (or you may reveal them and unlock by yourself, but you don’t have to since it’s not the main goal). Third, it’s the art of this ritual. During the erotic massage you will be worshipped as a human being, but not as a soul.

Maybe you’ll reveal any other difference between these two types of massages. Individual experiences may vary, but we’d like you to try it out and write us, what have you felt and how did it help you.