Luxurious Desert Adventure


Spending the summer holiday in the Middle East really does sounds like no ordinary plan. But don’t get wrong, there are many great places around Middle East offering amazing adventure and one of them is Uni Arab Emirates or UAE. This country becomes one of the rising stars of tourism industry not only for its megapolitan city of Dubai with all its glamorous luxury but also for the opportunity to explore the wilderness of the desert.

Yes, the tourism industry in UAE has successfully turned the desert from a wild, pale, unforgiving place into a very exciting place for the tourist to explore. No wonder that Desert Safari Dubai becomes one of the most popular tourist attractions in this country. After exploring Dubai with all its modern marvels, going out to the empty and quiet desert is like traveling through the time to past. You will find that the safari tour on the desert will be an amazing experience. When talking about Desert Safari in Dubai, there’s one name rises above the others and that name is Dunebashing dot net. This is the premier provider of desert safari tour in Dubai. It is specializing in luxury safari tour offering the best adventure in the most luxurious comfort.

Dubai Desert Safari from this provider offers you opportunity to explore the desert right outside Dubai. As a luxury safari tour, you will get high end facilities during the tour. It is started with luxury SUV vehicles that will pick you up at the hotel. The vehicles have luxury cabin with complete amenities. You will be traveling to one spot on the desert where different attractions are waiting ranging from dune bashing, camel riding, ATV riding, and the main attraction is the sunset on the desert. This tour will be including site visit to Bedouin camp for traditional diner and entertainment.

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